How to Lose Weight Successfully

Considering that over 66 percent of the American population is overweight, many articles on weight loss have been published.  We hear about different diets and how celebrities are losing weight by the minute.    We ask ourselves how is everyone else losing weight and we are still stuck in the pattern of no weight loss or a few pounds at best?

What we must remember is that everyone’s body reacts differently to a weight loss program.   The key is to find a program that is right for you.   The program that you choose should be one that you can live with forever.   In other words, fad diets that drop pounds quickly generally result in putting the pounds back on plus more.    This becomes a viscous cycle, and as we lose weight and regain it, it becomes more difficult to drop those pounds.

Calories are key when it comes to weight loss.    We need to create a calorie deficit daily.   This can be achieved by eating less and exercising more.   Be aware of diets that claim you can lose significant weight in a short period of time.   Also be cautious of so-called diet plans that significantly restrict your calorie intake.   Diets that claim you can survive on less than 1200 calories a day certainly need to be assessed by a qualified Nutritionist.    Generally, safe and sustainable weight loss is 1 to 2 pounds per week, depending on how overweight you are.

Finally, successful weight loss can only be attained by eating from all food groups (fats, carbs, and protein).   Yes, your program does need to have some fat in it, as well as the right kind of carbs.  Consumption of simple carbohydrates may contribute to more hunger symptoms while carbs with added fiber will keep you satisfied longer.

Measure your success with not only the pounds that you lose, but how your clothes are fitting and how you feel.   You should never feel hungry if your food plan is the proper one for you.

Above all, be patient, don’t weigh yourself daily, and keep a positive attitude.    Before you know it, you will be on the road to success and will feel much better about yourself.

Gary Catania

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