Gary has had the privilege of helping many people achieve their fitness goals. Here are some testimonials from former and existing clients:

Wow, it’s been an exciting few years since I started training with you.    I started my training being 100 pounds overweight.  Today, 2 years later, and a whole lot heathier, I have lost the 100  pounds and feel great.   Thanks for saving my life………..

~Gene M, Simsbury CT


You’re wonderful………..   I love your patience and how you train.      I love how I look and have seen wonderful changes in my body.   Thank you for creating a new me.

~Sally M, West Hartford CT


I remember when I first called you.   You were 100 percent confident that you could help me with my goals.   From the moment I met you, you have been professional, motivational and caring.       Keep up the great work, and thank you…

~Hal B, Glastonbury CT


Being a doctor, I know the anatomy of the body, and what makes it tick….  You know your stuff.    I had a lot of back pain when I first met you..   Today, three years later, I am pain free, stronger, weighing a little less, and enjoying life more, because of you.  Thank you…

~Ellen N, South Windsor CT


Life can be very demanding and challenging.    I never took the time to appreciate my health.  When things started to go down hill, I became depressed, anxious, and lost hope.    I turned to you, originally as a personal trainer, but as our lessons progressed, you became a friend, and coach.   I can’t say that I love every workout, but I can say that you are a very special person with an exceptional gift.    Well done, and I will continue to see you…

~Maryanne T, Colchester CT


When I first started working out with you, I did not understand anything about the importance of breathing while exercising, eating properly, and stretching before and after a workout.  I have been so inspired by your workouts that I have become certified as a personal trainer.   I still continue to see you, as I know you have the knowledge that I need to succeed in my own business. Thanks!

~Laura B, Middletown CT


I remember seeing your advertisement in the Rare Reminder.    I was encouraged by the fact that you offered me a free consultation and told me how you thought you could help me.   What was amazing was that you were candid and although hearing what you had to say was painful, I decided to come to you.   Many months later, I am on the way to achieving goals I could never reach……   I wish I could afford to see you five days a week.

~Mark C, Wethersfield CT


I was recommended to you by a friend that utilized your services.    Right from the beginning you were clear about what you thought you could do for me and you did not overpromise and underdeliver.     I trust you, and just don’t know how you do it.     You juggle several careers and make everything work……    I cannot think of many people that are as clear-headed as you and  make their clients feel at ease and relaxed…

~Carol Y, Glastonbury CT