Exercise, the key to keeping our bodies in shape!

Author:   Gary Catania, ACSM HFS/ Adjunct Professor of Personal Fitness Trainees / CPT

Exercise performed properly can help an individual achieve many goals.   Among the most common goals that individuals are hoping to achieve are:  weight loss, toning, increasing muscle mass, flexibility and much more.

Cardiovascular exercise (walking, running, swimming, etc) is great for not only losing weight, but keeping weight off, as well as strengthening your heart.  Additionally, most Physicians will agree that cardiovascular exercise is a key component in stabilizing blood pressure, as well as potentially reducing blood pressure.   Cardiovascular exercise performed daily, or at least 3 days a week (depending upon the individual’s goal) will result in success or attainment of the desired goal.   A new fact that has recently been proven is that cardiovascular exercise can be performed in segments — in other words the exercise can be done throughout the day in small increments.   For instance, instead of performing a 30-minute treadmill walk, three 10-minute treadmill walks are just as useful.

Weight lifting should be combined with the cardiovascular exercise program to achieve overall results.   Weight lifting can vary significantly depending upon what goals are to be achieved and what method of weight lifting is being utilized.   For instance, someone who is trying to lose weight might consider lifting lighter weights and adding more repetitions to the routine.  Of course routines vary among females and males, as well as adolesents.  Generally, a three-day weight lifting program (on the off days of the cardiovascular workout) should be implemented.

One final word on starting any exercise program: please consult your Physican before starting any exercise program to ensure that you are healthy enough to preform an exercise routine.   Additionally, working with a Certified Personal Trainer who has the qualifications to instruct and guide you is well worth your time, money and effort.   Always ask for the Personal Trainer’s certification number and what agency he or she is certified through.   National Certifications such as ACSM, NASM, ACE, and many more are respected within the Fitness Industry.

Gary Catania
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